[EmComm-Training] ETO Standard Exercises Taking a Reconstitution Pause #wlt2023

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Very well stated!

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Subject: [EmComm-Training] ETO Standard Exercises Taking a Reconstitution Pause #WLT2023
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2023 19:45:37 -0800
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The EmComm Training Organization is taking a break to reconstitute, get a tune-up, and develop a new curriculum of Winlink exercises.  We want to tweak ourselves by focusing more on our EmComm training arms – the essential and commonly used EmComm forms and for those advanced users peer-to-peer communications.  That means we need teams that can create challenging exercises that focus on developing essential Winlink skills and creative people with new and different ideas with experience in the field.  Interested?  Here are the teams we’d like to add to and one new team.


Exercise Writers:  This team works together to develop exercises from scratch or take previously implemented exercises and fashion them into a new exercise either totally new or repeat for emphasis on a training need.


Exercise Reviewers:  One thing we’ve learned is to never review your own exercise.  The exercise review team reviews a newly developed exercise without the bias of having written it.  One tends to naturally read-through their own writing since they are familiar with text and so overlook errors.  A new and unfamiliar eye tends to find errors.


Exercise Testing Team:  This is a new team.  Before the exercise goes out to ETO members, it gets tested by a group of user volunteers.  They “road-test” the exercise looking for any instruction confusion or misinterpretation, process errors or misdirection, etc. and report it back to the Exercise Writers.  Members on this team are obligated to keep exercises confidential until they are released to the ETO membership.


The Writers Team and the Reviewer teams must work together in concert so you can expect to huddle with one group of writers or reviewers during one exercise and end up in a different set of writers and reviews in the next exercise.  This idea being we mitigate burn-out through a general rotational process.  But we also want a good number of writers and reviews for the same reason.  Each team will have a designated volunteer lead/coordinator. 


And something important; We recognize writing, especially from scratch, will inevitably contain errors.  That’s expected and a natural part of the development process.  Getting the final text written in a way that is clear and concise as much as possible is the important part.


Interested?  Have questions?  If you are, please send an E-mail to eto.help.wanted@....  We’ll organize a zoom meeting where we can answer questions and discuss an approach to achieving these import objectives based on the feedback we get from you.  When a team forms up, we’ll be able to do some easy exercises (I.E. ICS-213, Check-in, etc.) in a short period of time.  Once a team gets comfortable with the process, they can advance into the more complex forms and exercise complexity.



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