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William Thomassen

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Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 3:00 PM
Subject: ETO: follow-up on our mapping transition meeting
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Hi All,

Here's links to stuff:

Here's a list of tasks that I think I should be working on, in what I think is the appropriate priority order, along with an estimated duration:

  1. provide a top-level summary of each of the 121 Java source code files (what's the purpose of the file). It's all obvious to me, but obviously not to anybody else. [5 hours]
  2. copy my external and not-yet-githubbed "Location Services" into the one github repository. It's currently external so I can share between multiple private projects and I don't want to duplicate code, but it's stable and keeping all code in one repository will be life way simpler for the next maintainer [1 hour]
  3. update documentation to reflect change from command-line arguments to configuration file. The number of command line arguments was growing out of control. So I went to a simple configuration file, but I haven't updated the online doc. I've included a (very recently annotated) configuration file to illustrate. To me, it's all self documenting. [2 hours]
  4. capture grid_square from XML for ICS-213 message on an ad-hoc basis from the 09-22 exercise to compare to the ETO Check In location. [2 hours]
  5. Consider grid_square support for all XML-based message. Virtually all message currently supported for ETO already have location support (like Winlink Check In).  This is trickier than first glance, because the base64-encoded XML for each message is not currently processed when the message is handled by the ExportedMessageReader, but by each of the MessageProcessors. That last sentence makes perfect sense to me.  [5 hours]
  6. Support ICS-214 (Activity Log). With grid_square. [3 hours]
  7. Support for the November Drill. I've just messaged Lyn to try to get a heads-up. [5 hours]
  8. provide a second-level documentation on the non-trivial (not constructors, getters, setters, toString(), etc.) methods that each of the 121 Java source files expose. This is how one bit of code calls another.   [4 hour]
  9. document build process. Produce a built artifact that can run an exercise, given a suitable configuration file. I don't know the my documentation already has this covered, since I always run from my IDE/debugger and I don't bother to push a new built executable onto github after every exercise (but I do push the source code). [2 hours]
  10. document (text) the second P2P exercise. Source  will be documented by other steps. The first exercise is already somewhat documented. [3 hours]

Please let me know if you think I've missed something or if you think I need to re-order priorities.



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