Winlink Thursday for September 23rd, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

K7ZPJ - Bruce


At the end of a deployment, the communications person is typically asked to provide a summary of all messages sent or received during the event. This helps with the event be documentation , as well as assist with any postmortem.

The standard way to do this is via the ICS-309 form. And Winlink has the creation of this form built in

This video explains how to fill out the ICS-309 form:


Part One: Create the Summary

  • Look at your Winlink Express, and identify a folder at the left ( Such as Inbox, Read Items, Outbox, Sent Items, or Saved Items) that has 2 or more messages in it. This will be the folder for which you will generate the summary (It will not include any of the message content.)
  • Invoke the built in Winlink function to generate an ICS-309, via the Message Generate ICS 309 Communications Log function.
  • Select the folder (or folders if you want) to summarize. Then you can define the date range for which the summary will cover (typically the duration of the deployment or at least your shift).
  • Select Combine recipients into a single entry
  • Then fill out the report information, using with any pertinent data.
  • Confirm or update the Output file location.
  • Click on :Generate CSV File Normally you would select Generate ICS-309 PDF, but that creates a much larger PDF file that takes time to send. The CSV is much smaller. If you would like to see this, create the PDF, and then look at the size of the two resulting files.
  • Then Exit
  • Rename the CSV file from the generic Winlink_Messages.csv to one following the format of the deployment. In this exercise, rename it “<call sign> 2021-09-23—Winlink_Messages.csv”  Example:  WD4NFT 2021-09-23—Winlink_Messages.csv

Part Two: Send the Summary

  • Create a new Winlink Message
  • Address it to your ETO destination. If unsure which one to use, check here  Finding Your USA Regional Clearinghouse Tactical Address 
  • Subject: <today's date> Winlink Drill
  • Then attach the newly renamed CSV file.
  • Add the name of which folder(s) you used, and how many messages were in it.
  • Send the message

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