Clara Barton Birthday Special Event Station #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Dec 4, 1500Z to 1900Z, KG4ARC, Atlanta, GA. 
Clara Barton Birthday Special Event Station sponsored by Atlanta Radio Club and Atlanta Chapter of American Red Cross.  December 2021 is the 200th birthday of Clara Barton, Founder of American Red Cross.  The multi-op team will be transmitting on 3925, 7250, 14250 and 21280, plus or minus, as well as local repeaters W4DOC & KC4AQS, and D-Star 30B.  A very nice bi-fold qsl card will be available.  See
Red Cross Special Event - Atlanta Radio Club for information and updates. 

Nov 13th Drill results in spreadsheet format #Fall2021 #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

I have attached a pdf file, listing the participants that had a message received by the clearinghouse stations. This list is sorted by ETO region.
There were a total of 485 unique stations that sent messages to the clearing house stations.

This spreadsheet doesn't include the P2P participants.  The P2P results can be found at this link: Cyber Wind P2P Results

The ETO Team

Nov13th Drill results are temporarily inaccessible

K7ZPJ - Bruce

The Nov13th Drill results are temporarily inaccessible.
We are working on the issues and hope to have a new map posted in the next couple of days.

Our plan is to first post a spreadsheet, that lists all of the stations that participated in the Nov 13th drill.
After, that we are working on a new map that has all of the stations that participated.

We are sorry about the inconvenience and frustration this has caused. 

The ETO Team

P2P Station results for Nov 13th Drill #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

In exercise “Cyber Wind”, there were 293 Field Station messages to the P2P Target Stations.  That’s an increase of 33% over our last P2P exercise (10/07/21).


Each Target Station handled an average of 18.3 successful contacts, compared to 13.7 last time (also an increase of 33%).


We had our full strength of 20 Target Stations this time, as opposed to 16 stations last time.


We still have some major areas to fill in (see the enclosed map).


Thanks to all P2P participants for a great job!



Lyn, W0LEN

The participation map for the Nov 13 drill has been posted.

K7ZPJ - Bruce

The participation map results for the Nov 13 drill has been posted:

For technical questions, please send an email to:

Happy Holidays
The ETO Team

Thank you for helping us reach our funding goal for 2022

K7ZPJ - Bruce

I want to thank everyone who sponsored our group. 
We now have enough sponsors to to renew our group for 2022.

Thank you,
The ETO Team

Winlink Thursday Is Taking A Break For the Holidays. #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Winlink Thursday Is Taking A Break For the Holidays so that the ETO team can take a rest from creating exercises and spend time over the holidays with their families.

Winlink Thursday will return on January 20, 2022. 

Please consider helping ETO to continue its mission in 2022, by becoming a sponsor (donor) of our site:  Sponsor ETO's Group

Happy Holidays,
The ETO Team

The participation map for the Nov 13 drill will be posted by Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 6:00:00 pm EST (11PM UTC)

K7ZPJ - Bruce

The participation map for the Nov 13 drill will be posted by Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 6:00:00 pm EST  (11PM UTC)

ETO Team

Change to P2P Target Station list for Nov 13th Drill #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

The updated P2P Target Station list is attached.

Note that K9HRO in Ellijay, GA will be replacing K4HYJ in Dalton, GA due to antenna damage.

WINLINK BASICS for EMCOMM Virtual Classes - Sundays Nov 14th, 21st, Dec 5th, 12th - 2pm PST #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Learn the basics of this powerful emergency communications tool in four, no-charge Zoom class sessions taught by four members of ARES Los Angeles -- KK6DA, W0DHG, NR6V, W6AH. Each 60-90-minute class will demo what you need to use Winlink over-the-air, and is accompanied by a series of video shorts you can review at your own pace. All classes will be archived at WAVETALKERS.COM to view again and again. 
If you can do email, you can do email by amateur radio with powerful built-in EMCOMM forms to assist your served agencies. Open to all licensed amateur radio operators. Please feel free to forward to anyone or any group who will find learning the basics of Winlink a valuable experience from people who experiment with the future of EMCOMM frequently. We’ll cap it at a sizable limit.
Sign up here: — Pre-class questions to KK6DA directly off-list  DavidAhrendts@... 

David Ahrendts, KK6DA, WQQW973
Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Public Health & Safety Committee
2407 Lyric Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90027
323.363.5823 FirstNet

ETO's 2021 Fall Drill -- November 13, 2021 -- Second Chance to Sign UP !!!!!!! #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Disaster Response Operations tend to change scale to grow or shrink through the life cycle of the disaster response.
This means a second call for people and resources maybe needed in the first few days of the operation.

In our case, we evaluated the number of check-in messages we received and determined that we have the capacity to allow a second round of sign-ups.

The second Sign up for our Fall Drill -- November 13, 2021 (Cyber Wind) starts immediately and ends on 9PM Local Time on Friday November 12th
If you have already signed up and have received your ICS-213 form, please do not sign in again.  This sign up is for only people that didn't signed-up in the first round of sign ups.
The sign up instructions are below or in the attached Read Me First file. (The Read Me First file wasn't updated with the new sign up deadline.)

EmComm Training Organization

Operation “Cyber Wind”

Saturday, November 13th, 2021


 Read This First !!!


In order to participate in this exercise you need to first send a simple Winlink message indicating your intent to participate.  Send it to your ETO Clearinghouse (ETO-nn where “nn” is your Region Number).


You need to send this message NO LATER THAN 9:00 PM Local Time on Friday , November 12th.   


In the message, which must be originated from your Call Sign Winlink account, include:
Subject:  Cyber Wind
Message: YES


If you are NOT planning to participate, DO NOT SEND a message.


Within 24 hours of that deadline, your Clearinghouse will send an ICS-213 form to you.  This form will be the basis for the exercise, and will be self-explanatory.  You will reply to this ICS-213 in the exercise.


Please reply to the ICS-213 (answering all the questions) as prescribed in the “Scenario and Guidelines” document (enclosed).


The Exercise itself will take place on Saturday, November 13th (NOT on Thursday this week).


This exercise is designed to simulate a real-world call-up.  For that reason, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the timing specified above.  We will NOT accept late sign-up messages, and if you do not receive the ICS-213 for any reason, you will not be able to participate.  All subsequent activity must be on Saturday, November 13.


This exercise requires 100% adherence to the guidelines by both Participants AND Clearinghouse stations.


Things to remember on Sunday, November 7:

1)   Set your clocks back 1 hour, to “Standard Time.”

2)   Check the batteries in your Smoke Detectors

3)   Send the Winlink message to your Clearinghouse!

For technical questions about this week's Winlink Thursday please send an email to:
Drill information can also be found on our website:


ETO's 2021 Fall Drill -- November 13, 2021

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Our Fall 2021 drill will be held on Saturday November 13.  

We changed the name of the drill due to the growth of participants from many different EmComm organizations.
The name has changed, but it is the same old crew putting it on.

The instructions and details for the Fall drill are being finalized and will be emailed out soon.

For technical questions about the Fall 2021 Drill, please send an email to:
For latest participation map results (posted Saturdays), see

Thank you for your interest and participation.

Problem with Oct 28 WLT

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Many participants of Winlink Thursday last week, experienced a problem where their Position wasn't posted on our normal "Winlink Thursday Results Map".


We are investigating the reasons why so many of your CC's to your ETO-nn Regional Clearinghouse Addresses never reached us.


When we next attempt a similar APRS-involved  Winlink Thursday, we'll amend our instructions, probably in such a way as to request that, once you've sent the Position Report, you then Forward that message to your ETO Clearinghouse Address, as a separate outgoing Winlink Express message.


Please be patient, we're learning along with you!


Thank you

Instructions for Winlink Thursday on November 4, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

K7ZPJ - Bruce

The instructions for the Nov 4 Winlink Thursday are attached.

In this Winlink Thursday Exercise , you will:
1. Learn how to send a Weather Report in your area especially if deployed outside your usual location.
2. Load your GPS location manually or use a GPS receiver USB dongle
3. Learn about the Beaufort Wind scale and reporting approximate wind conditions

For technical questions about this week's Winlink Thursday please send an email to:
For latest participation map results (posted Saturdays), see

Thank you for participating in our Winlink Thursday exercises.

Name and email address for Winlink Technical Team changed to ETO Technical Team #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

We have changed the name and email address of our technical team to the  ETO Technical Team
This was done to avoid confusion with the support team at

To get technical help for the ETO Exercises / WLT  the new email address is:

Bruce K7ZPJ

Instructions for Winlink Thursday on October 28, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

K7ZPJ - Bruce

The instructions for the Oct 28 Winlink Thursday are attached.

Many Hams use RF beacons in their HT's, or Vehicle Radios, to automatically report their positions in
Real Time on the APRS system; this is highly useful, especially during Public Service Events, and
Exercises, so that Net Control doesn't have to keep asking their Operators, "Where Are You??"
Winlink Express can also create a GPS Position Report, and, when sent out as a Winlink message,
this report causes your position to be plotted on all APRS system map web sites, such as,

This week, we'd like you to try this feature out, in Winlink Express, especially if you've never used it.

For technical questions about this week's Winlink Thursday please send an email to:
For latest participation map results (posted Saturdays), see

Thank you for participating in our Winlink Thursday exercises.

Instructions for Winlink Thursday on October 21, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

In conjunction with the International ShakeOut Day on October 21, 2021, we will introduce a new WinLink template form to the group.  The new template is the USGS DYFI.txt and is available in the Standard Forms library in the USGS folder.  Note: There is also a Spanish version available in the same location, USGS DYFI espanol.txt    


Create a New message, select the DYFI template, fill out, Submit.  Add your ETO Clearinghouse Tactical address, Post and Send.


A Basic Earthquake Scenario can be found at


This is a SIMULATED EXERCISE Earthquake Event, to increase Earthquake awareness and preparedness around the world and to prompt the International ShakeOut Day, always on the third Thursday of October.  The WinLink “Did You Feel It” DYFI form is a excellent way that the Amateur Radio Community around the world can participate by supplying Earthquake intensity information directly to the United States Geological Survey, abbreviated USGS and formerly simply known as the Geological Survey, is a scientific agency of the United States government.


We will use a single time for the event, referenced to 1521 ZULU on October 21, 2021 for the Earthquake event.


Always remember to “DROP, COVER and HOLD ON” in the event of a real Earthquake event in your area.


The WLT Team

ETO Winlink Thursday Exercises – Tutorial Videos

ETO Winlink Thursday Exercises – Tutorial Videos


The first three tutorials have been uploaded and published on our YouTube channel.  They will go live on Friday, 10/15, at 12 Noon CDT (17:00 UTC)

Here is the URL for the channel:


Tutorials Published Oct 14, 2021


 ETO # 2101 Vara HF Setup for Gateway Messaging -


ETO # 2102 Vara HF P2P 500 Hz Setup -


ETO # 2103 Messaging Using Templates -


You can also go to YouTube and just search EmComm Training Organization



mComm Training Team

ETO Dual Mode Exercise – Oct 7, 2021 – Recap

ETO Dual Mode Exercise – Oct 7, 2021 – Recap

We had a total of 220 messages sent P2P successfully to 16 operating Target Stations. 

Messages were originated by 121 unique Field Stations (including some Target Stations that also sent messages to other Target Stations).  Some Field Stations sent to more than one Target Station, as a test of propagation.

Comments and recommendations received include:

1)      Having 15 assigned frequencies eliminated pile-ups

2)      Many callers were NOT at 500 Hz, and their calls were rejected by the system

3)      500 Hz bandwidth eliminated most interference whether from QRN or QRM

4)      Much improved over prior tests; kudos to the entire team

5)      Propagation was good, but messages failed because P2P format was not set properly

We are posting links to two spreadsheets of results as well as a P2P map.  Links will be on our website:

In addition, the spreadsheets are also included with this bulletin.

What have we learned for next time?

1)      The frequencies are good, for the most part.  While we are somewhat into the CW/Data (rather than just ‘Data’) portion of the bands, there is a good reason for that.  Mainly, we do NOT want to be interfering with Winlink RMS stations that operate on a 24/7 basis on those ‘data’ frequencies.  We don’t want to interfere with anybody, but there is only so much spectrum and the tiny bite we take is short-lived.  If you encounter compelling reasons that we should do otherwise, please relay that to the team.

2)      Both Field and Target stations need to pay closer attention to the Instructions.  In addition to the very common error of not setting P2P mode within the message window, many Field Stations were not operating in Vara HF P2P 500 Hz mode.  This was covered in BOLD print on the Field Station instruction sheet.  Yet estimates are that at least a third of the participating stations failed that basic step.  As a result, their calls were not accepted by the Target Stations.

3)      Target Stations also had some issues, mainly in the reporting phase.  Several sent in XML, CSV and/or PDF files based on previous exercises.

The bottom line for all of us is that the exercise was a success.  It showed us what works and what doesn’t work, where we need more training and where we seem to be OK.

You can expect to see some video training material available in the near future, and more P2P operation coming up soon!

Thanks to all for your participation in both the Standard Winlink Mode, and the P2P Mode!

~ The ETO Team

Instructions for Winlink Thursday on October 14th, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

The instructions for the Oct 14th Winlink Thursday are attached to this email.

Drill Summary:

For this drill, you will be required to perform three steps:
1. Create a US Weather Forecast Catalog request for a state or region you desire
and submit it for generation and send the resulting Inquiry message that is
placed in your Outbox.
1. You will then receive the generated request message and will need to copy the
contents of the message to the computer’s clipboard.
2. Create a new message addressed to your regional ETO Tactical clearing house
address. Then paste the copied text from step 2 into the body of this new
message and send this message to the Clearinghouse address.

Full instructions are attached to this email

For technical questions about this week's Winlink Thursday please send an email to:
For latest participation map results (posted Saturdays), see

Thank you for participating in our Winlink Thursday exercises.

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