Instructions for Winlink Thursday on October 7th, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

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The instructions for the Oct 7th Winlink Thursday are attached.

*** This exercise is for both regular Winlink stations and P2P Winlink stations. ***

Participant instructions are in this file:   ETO Field Station Instructions for October 7 Dual Mode Exercise v1.1.pdf

P2P Target station Instructions are in this file: ETO Target Station Instructions for October 7 Dual Mode Exercise v1.2.pdf

The Target Station Frequency List and Locations are in this file: ETO Target Station Frequency and Location v1.1.pdf

For technical questions about this week's Winlink Thursday please send an email to:
For latest participation map results (posted Saturdays), see

Thank you for participating in our Winlink Thursday exercises.

Updated Instructions for Winlink Thursday on September 30th, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

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See the attachment for the updated instructions for the Sept 30th Winlink Thursday.

The changes are marked with strike-thru and yellow highlighting. Please discard the instructions sent out yesterday

For technical questions about this week's Winlink Thursday please send an email to:
For latest participation map results (posted Saturdays), see

Thank you for participating in Winlink Thursday exercises.

Winlink Thursday for September 23rd, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

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At the end of a deployment, the communications person is typically asked to provide a summary of all messages sent or received during the event. This helps with the event be documentation , as well as assist with any postmortem.

The standard way to do this is via the ICS-309 form. And Winlink has the creation of this form built in

This video explains how to fill out the ICS-309 form:


Part One: Create the Summary

  • Look at your Winlink Express, and identify a folder at the left ( Such as Inbox, Read Items, Outbox, Sent Items, or Saved Items) that has 2 or more messages in it. This will be the folder for which you will generate the summary (It will not include any of the message content.)
  • Invoke the built in Winlink function to generate an ICS-309, via the Message Generate ICS 309 Communications Log function.
  • Select the folder (or folders if you want) to summarize. Then you can define the date range for which the summary will cover (typically the duration of the deployment or at least your shift).
  • Select Combine recipients into a single entry
  • Then fill out the report information, using with any pertinent data.
  • Confirm or update the Output file location.
  • Click on :Generate CSV File Normally you would select Generate ICS-309 PDF, but that creates a much larger PDF file that takes time to send. The CSV is much smaller. If you would like to see this, create the PDF, and then look at the size of the two resulting files.
  • Then Exit
  • Rename the CSV file from the generic Winlink_Messages.csv to one following the format of the deployment. In this exercise, rename it “<call sign> 2021-09-23—Winlink_Messages.csv”  Example:  WD4NFT 2021-09-23—Winlink_Messages.csv

Part Two: Send the Summary

  • Create a new Winlink Message
  • Address it to your ETO destination. If unsure which one to use, check here  Finding Your USA Regional Clearinghouse Tactical Address 
  • Subject: <today's date> Winlink Drill
  • Then attach the newly renamed CSV file.
  • Add the name of which folder(s) you used, and how many messages were in it.
  • Send the message

Winlink Thursday for September 16th, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

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Winlink Thursday for September 16th, 2021


This recent Patriot’s Day commemorated all those who served twenty years ago as First Responders, ARES, humanitarian support and other volunteer groups that supported disaster recovery at Ground Zero and other locations.  September is National Preparedness Month as well.  With worldwide events being very fluid and our Nation’s leaders advising continued vigilance in the months ahead, this exercise has been designed to understand your readiness capacity in the event of a national threat.

For the exercise, please answer on ICS-213 form in your own words and send to your respective Regional Clearinghouse.    Finding Your USA Regional Clearinghouse Tactical Address     


1) Where were you on September 11th, 2001, and what response did you act on to ensure your safety?


2.     2) As a federally licensed amateur radio operator, devoted to public service, knowing what we know today with current events, if civil unrest or a threat to our nation or community were to occur, by natural or man made disasters, what initial responses would you implement to establish emergency communications?

A.  Monitor the National Calling Frequency (146.520 Mhz)

B.  Monitor or form up an emergency net on the local repeater
C.   Shelter in place and have monitoring of your locality and provide periodic updates
D.  Other: you may elaborate in your own words:

What emergency and disaster groups do you belong to?  Infraguard, CERT, ARES, Skywarn etc? (List as many you are active with):


Winlink Thursdays Will Resume on Sept 16. #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce


Winlink Thursdays Will Resume on Sept 16.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding concerning our cancelling WLT to avoid impacting the Winlink System during the disaster response for Ida.

A big Thank You to the disaster responders that have provided assistance to the people impacted by Ida.

Send any questions to:

Kind Regards,
The EmComm Training team.

locked Communications Status Report for Areas Impacted by Hurricane Ida - FCC

ETO EmComm Moderator #4 <ETO.EmComm.mod4@...>


This week's WLT (9/2) is cancelled due to hurricane Ida impacts #Announcements

K7ZPJ - Bruce

We are  cancelling this week's WLT on Sept 2nd  2021 due to the impacts of hurricane Ida.
This is to ensure that we are not competing for any resources (Winlink system, Radio Frequencies or People), that maybe needed for the disaster response.

An email about the status of next week's WLT (9/9) will be sent out once we have more information.

Our thoughts are with those impacted by hurricane Ida.  

The ETO leadership team

Winlink Thursday Aug 26,2021 P2P Target Stations REV #Announcements #14-2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

Attached is the ETO P2P Target Stations 08/26/2021 - Final REV.

Thanks to Jeff, KB3HF
 for providing the locations for all stations.

This list is the latest info we have, but there will certainly be changes due to last minute schedule conflicts, etc.  This is only an exercise - but it will help us greatly in planning the next P2P drills.  So do the best you can.  We have a huge number of Target Stations (120+).  We will draw from this list for future exercises.

Good luck!

PS - Propagation should be good, based on what we observed this morning on 80, 40 and 20 meters.


Winlink Thursday Aug 26, 2021 #Announcements #14-2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

This 4th  week, for those of you with a reasonably good HF station, we offer the opportunity to make a Winlink Peer-to-Peer (P2P) HF connection to one of our Target stations across the country. A P2P connection requires that your Winlink Express station connect to another Winlink Express station, NOT a Winlink RMS node, and pass messages addressed to that station only. You must be using the same mode for communication. In our case we are using VARA HF P2P.

See the attached instructions and second attachment for the list of Target stations.
Band conditions and  the magic of the ether will determine your successes.
Good Luck.

Winlink Thursday Aug 19 ,2021 Attaching Files #Announcements #13-2021

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Just like any other email program, Winlink Express allows for the attachment of files to your email message. One BIG difference: since we are sending our messages/attachments over RF, we have a relatively slow (compared to Internet) connection, and therefore, we need to be mindful of the file size we are attaching. The Winlink system has established a maximum message size of 120 KB. We generally want to be well under that limit. See the attached instructions for reducing file size before attaching a file to your Winlink message.

Attached to this message is an Excel file for your use with this exercise, if you don't have an Excel file of your own to use.

Thank you for participating in Winlink Thursdays.

Winlink Thursday Aug 5,2021 #Announcements #13-2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

The EmComm-Training- Organization’s site (Emcomm-Training) has grown to more than 2,050 members. You must be among that group since you are getting this email from the group. The EmComm Training Organization has also grown thanks to some very dedicated volunteers developing a Web site ( and a Geographic display of Winlink Thursday results ( ). A group of “Clearing House” stations has developed aligned with FEMA regions ETO-01 to ETO-10 plus ETO-HI for Hawaii, and ETO-DX for stations outside the US. See


The Winlink Thursday for July 29, 2021 had 498 participants. This was a Fourth Thursday and we tried a more challenging exercise than beginner level, and almost 500 operators successfully completed that exercise. This is a significant number of proficient Winlink Express users across the country and even about 15 DX stations.

If we have left some behind, we hope this week to go back and pick some up with a similar exercise to the first ones. 
Good luck and enjoy another Winlink Thursday. 

Winlink Thursday Aug 5,2021 #Announcements #12-2021

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Welcome to August where the weather is as unpredictable as ever.
This week we use a Winlink form to report our local weather as you see it.
There is no right versus wrong for this exercise, just an opportunity to use another form from the Winlink Express Standard Templates.
Of course, if you are actually having a weather event that requires emergency communications, don't use email (Winlink or any other).
Have a clear day.

Addendum to Winlink Thursday July 29, 2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

Please see attached for a couple of issues with the process for WT July 29, 2021


Winlink Thursday July 29,2021 #Announcements #11-2021

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This is the Fourth Thursday with a more challenging exercise. We will take advantage of the design of Winlink Templates as described in the Winlink Form Instructions:

From the ICS 213 Winlink Form Instructions:

“This initial 213 HTML can be used outside of Winlink Express. So, a non-Express user can create an initial ICS213, SAVE the data, and then pass that SAVED data to the radio operator. The radio operator can LOAD that data file into their ICS213 to send on via Winlink.”

A  USB Flash Drive is required to completely carry out this exercise. 
You will simulate a served agency entering an ICS213 on their computer without Winlink Express. The USB drive provides the transport between the served agency computer and your Winlink Express enabled computer.  
Try it out, you may find many other uses for this method of creating and using Forms form Winlink  Express.

Winlink Thursday July 22, 2021 #Announcements #10-2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

Winlink Thursday's exercise for July 22, 2021 will use the ICS 213 form you  will find in Winlink Express Standard forms. This is the standard Incident Command System General Message form. There will be NO Check-in Form. There will be NO special mapping address, just the ICS 213.

Data for filling in this form is in the instructions attached.

We are using the Message  Area of this form to survey your interest in a Winlink Express Peer-to-Peer (P2P) session. Just fill in
1. Yes, or No.
2. Yes, or No.
3 Yes, Or No, and if Yes, your Internet email address for further communications about a P2P exercise.

Thanks for participating in Winlink Thursdays.

Winlink Thursday July 15,2021 #Announcements #9-2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

For Winlink Thursday July 15, 2021 you will make the Check-in Form a Favorite so that a button on the New Message Window will get you directly to the Check-in form for a quick access to get your Check-in form up. We also have you saving some of the data in your form for routine use and easy call up in the future.'

Our map showing participants will be available each weekend following our Thursday drill at

Thanks for participating in Winlink Thursdays.

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UPDATE to Winlink Thursday, July 8, 2021 #Announcements #8-2021

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ETO will not be doing real-time mapping of our weekly exercises. See attached, corrected Instructions.
Do not include a mapping address in your weekly Winlink Thursday exercises. A map after exercise completion will be available.

Please send any questions about the Winlink Thursdays to:
Please send any questions about our group on to:

73's from the EmComm Training Team

Winlink Thursdays are Back!!!! -- Winlink Thursday July 8, 2021 #8-2021 #Announcements

The Emcomm Training Organization (ETO) will continue the Winlink Thursday exercises to foster Winlink knowledgeable operators across the country leading up to a nation-wide drill November 13, 2021. Our procedures will include a weekly exercise for routine practice with a fourth Thursday exercise of a more challenging nature. Our exercises will almost always include a Winlink Express Check-in form.

See the Updated Instructions

Please send any questions about the Winlink Thursdays to:
Please send any questions about our group on to:

73's from the EmComm TrainingTeam

Re: 2021-EmComm Training Organization(ETO)Goes to Field Day. #Announcements #FieldDay2021

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We found a few problems with the instructions that were originally sent out:
  • Missing information about the clearing houses for Hawaii and international stations.
  • Incorrect email address for questions.
The updated instructions are attached to this message.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused.

EmComm Training Org  Team

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