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EmComm Training
This group is for announcements and information concerning the nationwide Winlink training drills and exercises. The top level group is announcement only so it doesn't accept emails. *For questions about this group send email to:* * For questions about exercises, Winlink Thursdays and Winlink:*
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  • EmComm-Training | EmComm-Leadership-Team
    Mailing list for EmComm Leadership Team
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  • P2P-Target-Stations
    This group is for coordination of P2P Target Stations and for discussions of the Winlink P2P protocol.
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  • EmComm-Training | Steering-Committee
    Steering-Committee members
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  • WinLink Technical Team
    This group is used for announcements and discussions by the WinLink Technical Team. Membership is limited to people that have been selected to be on the WinLink Technical Team. If you want to be considered for serving on the WinLink Technical Team please send an email that explains your Winlink background and experience to
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  • Ham Radio Photos
    This group is to post photos of Ham Radio activities. Photos posted in this area are viewable to the general public. Pictures and posts not relating to Ham Radio are subject to removal without notice.
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