Instructions for Winlink Thursday on October 14th, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

The instructions for the Oct 14th Winlink Thursday are attached to this email.

Drill Summary:

For this drill, you will be required to perform three steps:
1. Create a US Weather Forecast Catalog request for a state or region you desire
and submit it for generation and send the resulting Inquiry message that is
placed in your Outbox.
1. You will then receive the generated request message and will need to copy the
contents of the message to the computer’s clipboard.
2. Create a new message addressed to your regional ETO Tactical clearing house
address. Then paste the copied text from step 2 into the body of this new
message and send this message to the Clearinghouse address.

Full instructions are attached to this email

For technical questions about this week's Winlink Thursday please send an email to:
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Thank you for participating in our Winlink Thursday exercises.