Instructions for Winlink Thursday on July 7, 2022 #WLT2022

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Instructions for the July 7, Winlink Thursday (Click Here)

Messages must be received by Fri, July 8 2022 12:00 UTC   (Fri, July 8, 05:00 AM PDT)

Summary: In this week's Winlink Thursday, for July 7th, 2022, you will:
  • In Winlink Express, create a new plain outgoing message addressed to “query@...”
  • Using Winlink Express with a Radio (not Telnet), connect to a Winlink Gateway of your choice;
  • Send your message;
  • Connect again, to the same Gateway, and check for new messages;
  • Determine if you have received a response from Robot;
  • Answer a question about the response to your Query by sending a Winlink Check-in form to your ETO Clearinghouse with the Callsign of the Gateway and its Status, in the Comments field.

If you have questions or can't download the file from our website please send email to:
The ETO team