Instructions for Winlink Thursday on July 28, 2022 #WLT2022

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Instructions for the July 28, Winlink Thursday (Click Here)

Messages must be received by Fri, July 29 2022 12:00 UTC   (Fri, July 29, 05:00 AM PDT)

There are times you may want status information about a message you have sent. By using the message ID of this message, viewable as the first item within the header, you can find various items about this message via the US Amateur Radio Message Viewer. Using other search parameters, you can investigate other messages. Even to see how frequently a specific RMS Station is used.

Note: This is a two Part Exercise. Detailed steps for Part 1 of the Exercise begin on Page 2. Steps for Part 2 begin on Page 3.

If you have questions or can't download the file from our website please send email to:
The ETO team