Important Update: Instructions for Winlink Thursday on April 28 #WLT2022

K7ZPJ - Bruce

From looking at the early returns, we have noticed that the number of messages received by the Clearinghouse are below the expected numbers. Upon investigation we have found many messages were mapped on but were not copied to the clearinghouse stations. Without the message going to the clearinghouse, it won't be mapped on the WLT maps.

Here is a summary of the process that allows the inclusion of the Clearinghouse address:

  • Create the Position Report and post it to the Outbox.  Do not sent the message yet. 
  • Go to the Outbox, double click on your message to "open it"
  • Add your ETO clearinghouse as either a To: or CC:
  • Leave the QTH address as is. That's what routes it to the APRS servers
  • Click on Post to Outbox to send the message back to the Outbox
  • Send the message

Actions:  (Do either #1 or #2 below)
1) If have sent the message but didn't include the Clearinghouse or you are not sure you did,  Please start over and make sure the Clearinghouse address is in the To: or CC: line.  Duplicate messages are ok.

2) Or send a Winlink Check-in form  to your clearinghouse with  "Alternate Exercise for 4/28/2022" in the comments section.   This will ensure that you are included the WLT mapping for the week.

If you have questions please send email to:

The ETO team