Instructions for Winlink Thursday on October 21, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

In conjunction with the International ShakeOut Day on October 21, 2021, we will introduce a new WinLink template form to the group.  The new template is the USGS DYFI.txt and is available in the Standard Forms library in the USGS folder.  Note: There is also a Spanish version available in the same location, USGS DYFI espanol.txt    


Create a New message, select the DYFI template, fill out, Submit.  Add your ETO Clearinghouse Tactical address, Post and Send.


A Basic Earthquake Scenario can be found at


This is a SIMULATED EXERCISE Earthquake Event, to increase Earthquake awareness and preparedness around the world and to prompt the International ShakeOut Day, always on the third Thursday of October.  The WinLink “Did You Feel It” DYFI form is a excellent way that the Amateur Radio Community around the world can participate by supplying Earthquake intensity information directly to the United States Geological Survey, abbreviated USGS and formerly simply known as the Geological Survey, is a scientific agency of the United States government.


We will use a single time for the event, referenced to 1521 ZULU on October 21, 2021 for the Earthquake event.


Always remember to “DROP, COVER and HOLD ON” in the event of a real Earthquake event in your area.


The WLT Team