Instructions for Winlink Thursday on October 28, 2021 #WinlinkThursdays

K7ZPJ - Bruce

The instructions for the Oct 28 Winlink Thursday are attached.

Many Hams use RF beacons in their HT's, or Vehicle Radios, to automatically report their positions in
Real Time on the APRS system; this is highly useful, especially during Public Service Events, and
Exercises, so that Net Control doesn't have to keep asking their Operators, "Where Are You??"
Winlink Express can also create a GPS Position Report, and, when sent out as a Winlink message,
this report causes your position to be plotted on all APRS system map web sites, such as,

This week, we'd like you to try this feature out, in Winlink Express, especially if you've never used it.

For technical questions about this week's Winlink Thursday please send an email to:
For latest participation map results (posted Saturdays), see

Thank you for participating in our Winlink Thursday exercises.