Results Maps for Winlink Thursday April 21 2022 #WLT2022

K7ZPJ - Bruce

Results Maps for Winlink Thursday April 21 2022 (Click Here)

summary: 750 messages received
message type: check_in, count: 724
message type: rejects, count: 21
message type: field_situation, count: 4
message type: eto_check_in, count: 1
reject type: same location, count: 13
reject type: unsupported type, count: 5
reject type: explicit bad location, count: 3

Note: Several participants sent messages during the correct time period but were delivered to the clearinghouse after the mapping was completed on Saturday
We are looking into the issue to see what we can do.  But if you had your message delayed, try the following to see if your RMS gateway is delaying your message:

  • Send a Winlink message to your internet email address using the RMS gateway you used to send your message to the ETO clearinghouse.
  • Check your internet email inbox for your message.
  • When the message arrives, note the time it was delivered.
  • Compare the time you sent the Winlink message, to the time it was delivered.   (The delay should be in minutes, not days)
  • If you do see a big delay, send a message to the sysop of your RMS gateway letting them know about your messages being delayed.

If you have questions  please send email to: