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EmComm Steering Committee Moderator #1

Hello and welcome to the  EmComm Training mailing list/message board.  Thank you very much for signing up.

Your participation in the Fall 2020 Drill was appreciated.  Over 1500 radio amateurs took part and over 1900 have already signed up on this message board.  By the way, please take just a minute to check your own listing to make sure we have your first and last name and call sign; thanks!

The purpose of the message board is to efficiently get the word out concerning news and upcoming events of the EmComm Training group.  The message board replaces the excel spreadsheet that was being maintained by one of our drill organizers and due to it's size, had become ungainly.  This message board is "announce only," not a discussion group.


Going forward, this message board will be your alert system and will direct you via hyperlinks to documents on our google drive and to our website that is still in development.  The message board is “announce only,” not a discussion board.  Save your questions for the Briefing Call described below.



Coming Soon -  Details about the Fall Exercise and Winlink Thursdays.



Feel free to forward this message to your radio amateur friends who are interested in EmComm and invite them to sign up.