Winlink Thursday Aug 19 ,2021 Attaching Files #Announcements #13-2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

Just like any other email program, Winlink Express allows for the attachment of files to your email message. One BIG difference: since we are sending our messages/attachments over RF, we have a relatively slow (compared to Internet) connection, and therefore, we need to be mindful of the file size we are attaching. The Winlink system has established a maximum message size of 120 KB. We generally want to be well under that limit. See the attached instructions for reducing file size before attaching a file to your Winlink message.

Attached to this message is an Excel file for your use with this exercise, if you don't have an Excel file of your own to use.

Thank you for participating in Winlink Thursdays.