Winlink Thursday Aug 26,2021 P2P Target Stations REV #Announcements #14-2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

Attached is the ETO P2P Target Stations 08/26/2021 - Final REV.

Thanks to Jeff, KB3HF
 for providing the locations for all stations.

This list is the latest info we have, but there will certainly be changes due to last minute schedule conflicts, etc.  This is only an exercise - but it will help us greatly in planning the next P2P drills.  So do the best you can.  We have a huge number of Target Stations (120+).  We will draw from this list for future exercises.

Good luck!

PS - Propagation should be good, based on what we observed this morning on 80, 40 and 20 meters.