Winlink Thursday July 22, 2021 #Announcements #10-2021

ETO EmComm Moderator #3 <ET0.EmComm.mod3@...>

Winlink Thursday's exercise for July 22, 2021 will use the ICS 213 form you  will find in Winlink Express Standard forms. This is the standard Incident Command System General Message form. There will be NO Check-in Form. There will be NO special mapping address, just the ICS 213.

Data for filling in this form is in the instructions attached.

We are using the Message  Area of this form to survey your interest in a Winlink Express Peer-to-Peer (P2P) session. Just fill in
1. Yes, or No.
2. Yes, or No.
3 Yes, Or No, and if Yes, your Internet email address for further communications about a P2P exercise.

Thanks for participating in Winlink Thursdays.